Curvi Inc.

How Does It Create Shower Space?

Curvi™ works naturally with gravity. You don't need to "do" anything, it just curves out as it hangs on your shower rod. It's a neat balancing act that keeps the curtain away from the body at elbow-level. Ta-da, more space!

Patrick the Inventor is 6'3" tall. He needed space, but didn't want a remodeling hassle. So he used the ancient art of Origami and created "pleats" that curve out naturally. And they open and close like an accordion as you exit and enter the shower.

Even though every bathroom is different, Curvi™ is designed for most showers:

WARNING: With so many new decorative options, the choice of style is yours ... unless you are a man living with a woman and you care for the future of your relationship. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM until you check with her first. Trust us :-(