Curvi Inc.

How Curvit Works

Easy to Install. Just Snap On.

Curvit fits any standard 1” rod. This video shows how to unfold the arches and hang your curtain.


Clip Tip
They're supposed to fit tightly on the arches. If you need to pry them open a bit at first, use a wall corner.

Curvit clips are designed to fit snug around each arch, keeping it steady and safe up against the curtian liner.

About Curtains
Curvit can prevent your shower curtain from blowing in. No need to change your style. Curvit holds any standard curtain or liner … or both. For best results, use Curvit with a standard length (72") thin or medium weight shower curtain (between 5 and 8-gauge) and normal 1" shower rod. Curvit is not recommended for short or heavy curtains.

Shiny steel rings fit any standard 1" shower rod Your shower is your style. Add any outer decorative curtain. Curvit works on the inside.

Will my curtain lift?
A little bit. Curvit hangs your curtain from a higher point, about 2-3", so a short shower curtain (70") is not recommended. It might not leave enough fabric at the bottom to stay in the tub. Thankfully, most standard curtains are 72" long. So we designed for that length. Also, be sure your shower rod is at a standard height. Every home is different. But in a standard shower (with Curvit) if the rod is 66" above the top of the tub, then the 72" curtain has about 4" left hanging inside, which is plenty to keep it snug inside the tub.
How does Curvit create up to 50% more shower space?
In standard showers, the distance from wall to curtain is about 22” and curtain cling from airflows reduces that space to as little as 18” wide. Curvit gently curves your curtain out by about 5”. So you enjoy a total of 27” from wall to curtain. Compare 18” to 27”, there’s your 50% increase in space. Happy bathing!

How does Curvit prevent leaks?
By keeping the curtain snug up against the inside of your tub and wall, Curvit closes gaps that cause messy leaks.
 Curvit keeps your shower curtian snug up against the inner tub and wall. It closes the gaps that cause messy leaks.