Curvi Inc.

Production Complete!

Great News! Production is done. Your Curvi is 100% complete. We made 1,000 units. Now we are a bit late, but for a good reason. Following user feedback, we added two small parts to keep the fins extra secure during open/close motion. A folded unit is shown here, and we're printing color card inserts with assembly instructions and machine-washing tips.

I'll report on final ocean freight schedule next week. Original delivery estimate to you was September 30, but it looks closer to October 10 or 15. I sincerely apologize for the extra 2 week wait, and appreciate your continued patience and support :-)

Meanwhile, use buttons below to tell your friends that the Early Bird Special you got (free US shipping) ends this Wednesday at midnight! After, normal US shipping rates apply. So pre-ordering now saves them 8 bucks!


Patrick Raymond
Inventor & Founder
Curvi Inc.