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Get more shower space with Curvi™ the curving curtain
Get more shower space with Curvi™ the curving curtain Gravity makes Curvi bend outward naturally Inventor is 6'3 Rings included and pre-assembled to patented space-creating fins Yes, it's machine washable Add any decorative shower curtain outside (optional) Why bother installing curved shower rod? Got Curtain Cling? Enjoy More Shower Space with Curvi™

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(Delivery by November 30, 2016. Reserve yours. First production run sold out in a week! Not in stores until Spring 2017.)
  • Install in 10-seconds . See Video
    100% pre-assembled. Fits any standard 1" shower rod.
  • Uses simple gravity
    Patented rings & folds naturally curve liner away.
  • Machine-washable
    Premium liner, 5-gauge PEVA , mildew-resistant, 100% waterproof, chlorine-free, 72" wide x 80" extra-long.
  • Add any decorative curtain outside
    Curvi™ works inside. Keep your bathroom style.

See How It Works

1-minute video

Early Feedback

"I hope it becomes the standard in homes everywhere."

– Mike R.
Pre-order customer (July 2016)

"I haven't been this excited about a shower curtain since I finished my enlistment in the Navy. I can't wait to try out the extra elbow room."

– Herb S.
Pre-order customer (August 2016)

"Great product and am sold on it!"

– Mike. B.
Early Product Tester (July 2016)

Andrew LiszewskiProduct Reviewer (Gizmodo)
"Makes Your Shower Feel Like a Spacious Luxury Spa."

– Andrew Liszewski
Product Reviewer (Gizmodo)

"I just love my Curvi. I was afraid it would look like a contraption and take over my tiny bathroom. It is really just the opposite. If the artist Christo designed a shower curtain, it would be the Curvi. It is like showering under a fluffy cloud. I love it so much I threw my shower curtain away. It feels light and clean, yet durable, and provides just enough extra space to make showering much more comfortable; again, without being too much. My guests all ask where they can buy one. Bravo!!!"

– Gary M.
Early Product Tester (July 2016)

Kaddy F.Early Product Tester (August 2016)
"As a professional organizer I always encourage my clients to go with the solutions that bring the most bang for your buck! The price is perfect, the installation is fast, you keep your bathroom design scheme, AND gain space in the shower! I love shaving without the curtain touching me!"

– Kaddy F.
Early Product Tester (August 2016)

How It Works. Inventor is 6'3"!

Patrick Raymond demonstrates how Curvi works, how much space you get and what it looks like from outside using a typical shower configuration: standard 1" diameter shower rod at standard-height 65" above the top of the tub.

He wanted to be free from the pesky shower curtain. Now thanks to his invention, we can all enjoy so much more room in the shower... every day!

Pre-Order Now $25. Delivery by end of November 2016.

Imagine the Space!

Imagine the Space!

  • Simple Gravity: soft natural curve just happens.
  • No leaks: extra long 80" liner keeps water in the tub.
  • Machine washable: delicate cycle, hang dry (no heat).